Video: This Amazing Man From Southern India Cooked Curry With Unbelievable Number Of Eggs And His Video Is Going Viral.

Blog By suhas  |  25-12-16

This is amazing. Take a look...

#3 For Egg Lovers

#3 For Egg Lovers

There are so many channels on television dedicated to food now. We have cookery shows on television more than ever. But very few times have we seen a recipe worth remembering forever.

But we have a recipe that no one will forget anytime soon. A recipe that is heavens for every egg lover in this world.

#2 The Recipe

#2 The Recipe

So a man in the southern part of India cook's rustic egg recipe prepared in the outdoors. The important part here is the number of eggs this man used to prepare his recipe.

You would've never seen something like this. Once you get to know the number, you'll jump out of joy in case you are an egg lover.

Keep reading ahead to see the secret of this recipe.

#1 The Secret

The man has made this curry with over 300 eggs. From the very first frame, the video completely reels you in, what with the 300 or so eggs spread on the ground.

The way this old man approaches his work is amazing. This is definitely worth your time. Checkout the video.

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