Video: Baba Ramdev Beats The Olympic Silver Medalists Andrey Stadnik 12-0 In The Most Unbelievable Way. Take A Look...

Blog By suhas  |  19-01-17

This fight is amazing. Baba rocks it!

#3 Baba Ramdev

#3 Baba Ramdev

India is a country of villages and babas. We have equal amount of villages and babas. The most popular of all in India is our lovely Yog guru Baba Ramdev.

The man is popular for his amazing yoga sessions and abnormally huge amount of involvement in the politics.

#2 Andrey Stadnik And Pro Wrestling League

#2 Andrey Stadnik And Pro Wrestling League

Again this time, Baba ventured into something which is definitely not his field. We are talking about wrestling. The stage was Pro Wrestling League and the opponent was the Olympic silver medalist Andrey Stadnik.

Baba had a friendly bout with the champ and before the match started, people could just pity with what they thought Baba would go through later.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next.

#1 The Video

The match started and people couldn't wait to see what happens with Baba. But to everyone's surprise, baba not only defeated the Olympic medalist but also did it convincingly with the victory margin being 12-0.

Time for Indian sports committee to look at a new option for wrestling? Look at the video and you'll say this as well.

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