Video: A Student Insults Kejriwal's Star Campaigner Raghu Ram Like A Boss

Blog By suhas  |  16-01-17

Raghu Ram has never been insulted like this.

#3 AAP

#3 AAP

A party that was started on the strong basis of non-corruption and was formatted on people's voice has now become one of the most known national party of the country.

The elections are close and AAP is gonna leave no stone unturned to make a point by performing well in the elections this time.

#2 Raghu Ram

#2 Raghu Ram

To do exactly the same, Arving Kejriwal took the help of Roadies fame Raghu Ram. Raghu Ram is the star campaigner of AAP and is trying to convince people to vote for AAP.

Now Raghu's image in public is not a surprise. Over top of all that, the youth of our country is smart enough to raise the correct questions. And when one such young man met Raghu, he took his case like a boss.

Keep reading ahead to see how.

#1 The Video

Raghu was promoting AAP in Goa when a student asked a few questions to Raghu. He stood there helpless and speechless. I've never seen Raghu speechless. He was in the state of shock.

You need to checkout the video. Take a look...

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