This Time Swami Om Has Crossed All The Limits By Saying This About Salman And All The Muslim Actors In The Industry...

Blog By suhas  |  24-01-17

The man has crossed all the limits this time...

#3 Swami Om

#3 Swami Om

Someone in our country should actually do a survey to find out the number of people who wanna hunt Swami Om and beat him down. The number will just increase after you see what he did this time.

As usual, the man couldn't hold his tongue and ended up blabbering things that he shouldn't have. Things can get really serious this time because he has taken some huge names in the course.

#2 The Names

#2 The Names

While addressing the press with 2 of his workers, Baba clearly stated that no one can stop him from beating Salman crazily this time. On being asked about his supporters, he took the name of Shivsena Supremo Uddhav Thackrey and the entire BJP.

He also said that our PM Modi spoke to him and is totally against Salman. What he said about Muslim actors though is the most shocking part.

Check that out ahead.

#1 The Video

He went on to say that he and his supporters will make sure that no Muslim actor is allowed to shoot in the country and only Hindu actors will be allowed to shoot.

He uttered more rubbish and you'll have to checkout the video to know all of that. Take a look...

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