She Refused To Dance With Him In A Marriage. What This Man Did Next Will Shock You. Take A Look...

Blog By rashmi  |  24-12-16

Shame on humanity...

#3 Marriages In Punjab

#3 Marriages In Punjab

They say marriages are made in heaven. We just execute them here on earth. And rightly so! If you've ever attended a wedding, you'd know the fun we experience during a wedding.

Weddings everywhere in the country are fun but specially in Punjab. The enthusiasm with which people in Punjab approach the weddings is incomparable.

#2 The Refusal

#2 The Refusal

But this time, this enthusiasm has ruined more than one lives. A shocking incident has come to light, wherein a 25-year-old pregnant dancer, Kulwinder Kaur refused to dance with a man on stage.

The refusal didn't go very well with the man. What happened next has simply raised tons of questions about the humanity in general.

Keep reading ahead to see what happened next.

#1 The Video

The man shot the woman just because she refused to dance with him. A few people say that it was just an accident whereas others are certain that there is no accident involved.

Checkout this shocking video to see the entire incident.

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