Sehwag Is back With The Tweet Of The Year. Trolls Everyone Complaining About Long Queues In Bank...

Blog By suhas  |  16-11-16

You must read this, the man's got a point...

#3 The Current Situation

#3 The Current Situation

The entire country is complaining about the problems they are facing on daily basis because of the entire note ban saga. It's not easy and all of us know that.

Everyday, we get to know about a new story out of the struggling people in a queue of different banks thanks to media. But the point is, shouldn't we do something?

#2 Viru Paji

#2 Viru Paji

Everyday some or the other celebrity speaks up about the entire incident and vanishes in the air. No one's opinion really does anything for anyone. But you know, our Sehwag is different.

Viru Paji not only shares his opinions but also encourages people to do the right thing. And he did the same this time too. He had something to say to everyone complaining about standing in long lines and mind you, it is funny and serious at the same time.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Tweet

So Sehwag trolls everyone who is complaining in the best way possible. The best part about this tweet was that he made fun of people complaining but at the same time, he even encouraged all of them to do the right thing.

Look at this. This is such a mature Tweet. The man has a point. Amazing.

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