Pics: Wow! Disha Patani's Sister Looks As Hot And As Pretty As Disha Herself. Stunning...

Blog By rashmi  |  28-02-17

You wouldn't wanna miss this...

#5 Disha Patani

#5 Disha Patani

Disha Patani is undoubtedly one of the most promising new comers in the industry. Her role in Dhoni's biopic made her a household name. She is pretty and everyone knows that.

But do you know about her sister? She is equally pretty.

#4 Sister Patani

Well I think it's time for us to make way for a new Patani sister as well.

Sis love

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#3 The Similarity

Now the similarity here is uncanny. They look so similar, don't they?

#2 Another One

Here's another one that makes us love Patani sisters even more.

#1 Love At First Sight

And finally this one. I think it's love at first sight for me. What about you?

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