People Got Really Confused When National Anthem Was Played Twice In Dangal Movie. This Is What They Did...

Blog By rashmi  |  27-12-16

This moment left everyone confused. What did you do?

#3 The Judgement

#3 The Judgement

Supreme Court's recent law that everyone has to stand up when the national anthem is played before a movie starts is taken seriously by everyone. In fact, there is no scope of not following it as it is a judgement passed by Supreme court.

Even when people recently went to watch Dangal, as per the regular schedule, National anthem was played and people stood up to pay their respect!

#2 The Second Time...

#2 The Second Time...

While watching the movie Dangal, there came a moment that confused everyone. Before the movie started, National Anthem was played and people stood up. This is where they thought that it is done.

But then that wasn't the end. National anthem was again played in the end of the movie when Geeta Phogat won the gold medal for India in CWG 2010 which left people confused. Their reactions? Amazing!

Keep reading ahead to checkout their reaction.

#1 Tweets

When the national anthem was played for the second time, some people stood up, some didn't. Twitter went mad and this is what people shared about the incident..

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