In A Bid To Criticize Modi, Kejriwal Ends Up Sharing Fake News And Getting Humiliated By The Public. Hilarious!

Blog By suhas  |  23-11-16

When will this man stop? I guess never!

#3 Arvind Kejriwal

#3 Arvind Kejriwal

Anything and everything is possible in this country except Kejriwal supporting Modi. Delhi's CM leaves no stone unturned when he gets an opportunity of humiliating our PM.

But more than often, he ends up digging a grave for himself and embarrassing himself in front of the world and this time is no different.

#2 The Sanest Tweet

#2 The Sanest Tweet

Kejriwal is making a lot of Twitter blunders lately. On Sunday, the Delhi CM retweeted - then later deleted without explanation - a misleading photograph and caption that purported to show that a man committed suicide because he faced a currency crunch due to demonetization.

The point is that this is not it. In FACT, THIS IS THE SANEST OF HIS TWEETS. You won't believe what he Tweeted next.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Retweets

Later, he retweeted a picture of Syrian refugee children, with a caption that said they were children found at the site of yesterday morning's train accident near Kanpur. Stupid, right? Further, he retweeted a photograph of a man who had hung himself in Satna in Madhya Pradesh.

The caption to the photograph Kejriwal retweeted said that the man who hung himself did so because he had not been able to withdraw new currency notes from the bank for four days in a row which was obviously a false news.

Nothing of this sort was the reason. I wonder when will this man stop trying too hard to criticize our PM without any constructive reason and merely on the basis of false claims and baseless facts!

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