Disgusting! This news Channel Claims that PM Modi Is the reason behind Om Puri's death. Check

Blog By suhas  |  09-01-17

So Om Puri's death was a murder and Modi is behind that says this news channel...

#3 Om Puri

#3 Om Puri

Bollywood took a deep breath of pain on 6th January after the news of Om Puri's death came out. No one could believe and veteran superstars like Shabana Azmi and Supriya Pathak looked inconsolable.

Reports suggested that he died due to a heart attack. This is what each and every single news piece supported as well.

#2 Theory

#2 Theory

But then there is a news channel that has its own theory regarding this sad incident. This news channel is from Pakistan and it claims that Modi and Doval killed Om Puri.

We are talking about this channel called Bol TV. The news anchor even gives the reason behind Modi's involvement in the death and his reason is unbelievably hilarious and offensive at the same time.

Keep reading ahead to see that.

#1 The Video

The reason they killed Om Puri is because he spoke in favour of Pakistani artistes when there were clamour against them in India after the Uri attack says this new anchor of Bol TV.

They touched a new low when they also said that the actor was recently summoned by Doval at his residence where he was brutally beaten up, stripped off his clothes, abused, and asked to go to Uri martyr Nitin Yadav’s village and apologise for his remark.

PS: They are also talking about postmortem reports of Om Puri which by the way is yet to be released and even Indian media has no access to it right now.

Checkout the video here.

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