China Said That It Can Reach New Delhi In 48 hours To Destroy India; India's Reply? Epic!

Blog By rashmi  |  19-01-17

India gave a perfect answer to China. Take a look...

#3 China

#3 China

India and China have never been the best of friends you'll see. China's closeness to Pakistan and India's booming business with USA has played a major role in the deteriorating relationship between powerful Asian neighbours.

Speaking about China, it leaves no chance of threatening India on global level. It has done something similar again but to just be trolled later.

#2 The Claim

#2 The Claim

So in the recent past, a state-run Chinese TV channel has claimed that it would take China's motorized troops 48 hours and its paratroops 10 hours to reach India's capital New Delhi in case war breaks out.

Apparently, Indians took the statement quite seriously and came out with unbelievably hilarious comebacks.

Keep reading ahead to see more.

#1 Tweets

Indians took the claim very seriously an the replies that they gave is amazing. They were witty, smart and yet inside the line without getting mean.

Here are some of the tweets. Take a look.

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