Arnab Goswami Kicks Out Retired ACP For Insulting Women On His Show!

Blog By divya  |  27-10-16

Arnab Goswami, well done.

#3 Arnab Goswami

#3 Arnab Goswami

No matter how much we hate Aranb Goswami and for whatever reason that might be, he's gained some serious points for his latest actions.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you wouldn't have missed this!

Well in the case you have been living under a rock,seek redemption in this article!

#2 Discussion

#2 Discussion

As usual, Aranab was gracing the small screen with yet another hot topic and this time it was on the case of "Triple Talaq."

And taking part in this "Triple Talaq Debate" was a panel of people, of which Shamsher Khan Pathan,a retired ACP was one.

And not long into the discussion, Shamsher began repeatedly insulting the female panelists who were present there.

#1 Watch for yourself!

At first, it was a crude joke about how men tolerate women enough at home and continued with his callous behavior. Until our no-nonsense Goswami lost it royally and asked Mr Pathan to leave the show.

To be precise, he said,"Take off his mic and leave the show."

Watch the video and see for yourself!

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