After Reading The Condolence Tweet By Kamal Haasan For Jayalalithaa, You'll Start Disliking Him. Unexpected!

Blog By suhas  |  24-12-16

This cannot be expected from a star like Kamal Haasan.

#3 The Death

#3 The Death

The biggest shock of the year came in the final month of the year. Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa's death turned the peaceful situation of Tamil Nadu into a very sensitive one.

The entire country came together and mourned for her. The social media was flooded with condolences. But one message didn't go very well with public.

#2 The Message

#2 The Message

Just like every other celebrity in the country, even Kamal Haasan shared his 'so called' condolence message on Twitter that apparently didn't really go very well with people.

People thought that it was rude and inappropriate owing to the situation. You read and decide it yourself.

Keep reading ahead to see his tweet.

#1 The Tweet

Now let us translate this tweet for you. He meant, “Deep condolences for all those who depend on her.” Well, this obviously isn't something that will go well amongst the people at such a critical situation.

Here are the reactions of the people.

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