A Pakistani Security Guard Slaps A FEMALE JOURNALIST. Why? Check It Out And Let Us Know Who Is At Fault

Blog By suhas  |  22-10-16

Who do you think is at fault?

#3 Being A Journalist

#3 Being A Journalist

Journalism is a tough profession. Journalists have to go through things that a non-journalist can't even imagine. In order to ace a perfect story, journalists often experience things that otherwise they'll love to avoid.

This is one such incident that could've been, in fact, should've been avoided. A female journalist was reporting on field when things slowly started getting out of control.

#2 The Incident

#2 The Incident

This Pakistani journalist probably wasn't aware of the consequences of her act when she tried manhandling a security guard for his brash attitude on camera.

She kept asking him to not trouble them or misbehave with them on camera. There came a point when the security guard lost his cool and ended up slapping the journalist.

Checkout the video ahead.

#1 The Video

People are going crazy over this security guard hitting a female journalist on camera. Before you see the video, we have a few questions that we'd love to have answers of from you.

The journalist kept poking the security guard again and again while he was doing his duty that ultimately gave rise to the incident, how right is it for a journalist to provoke someone on field while reporting? The security guard face tremendous backlash from people because he slapped a woman, if he had slapped a MAN, how would have people reacted? Would there be any difference in reaction then?

On the other hand, how right is it for a man to slap another person irrespective of their gender while they are just doing their job? Was the slap necessary? Could the situation be handled a little better by the guard?

And most importantly, what is the real problem here? Guard slapping a WOMAN or the guard slapping an INDIVIDUAL?

Checkout the video and try answering all these questions in the comments section below.

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