A New Twist By RBI. If You Have Deposited Over 2 Lakhs In Your Account, You Won't Be Able To Operate It. Fulfill This Condition First...

Blog By suhas  |  25-12-16

RBI's new announcement shocks everyone...

#3 Twist In The Story

#3 Twist In The Story

The condition in India right now is nothing less than the plot of a completely twisted Japanese horror movie. The only difference here is that there isn't any real ghost. We have empty ATM's replacing them.

Everyday, there is a new twist in the story. Once in two days, RBI release a new statement contradicting their previous regulation making the lives of Indian citizens a mess.

#2 The New Rule

#2 The New Rule

Earlier, the government had announced that people can deposit Rs 2.5 lakhs in their bank accounts and they won’t be questioned but now the things are changed.

RBI has tightened the rules now. They have a new rule for you if you have deposited more than RS. 2 Lakh in your account.

Keep reading ahead to know about this new rule.

#1 The Condition

So according to the new rule, if you have deposited more than RS 2 lakh in your account, your account won't be operational anymore. This rule is only applicable on deposits made post 9th November.

For operating such accounts, it is mandatory to link the PAN card; the form 60 should be submitted as well. It has also been stated by the RBI that if a bank account hasn’t been linked to the Pan card and if the balance exceeds Rs 5 lakhs, it can’t be operated if form 60 isn’t submitted to the bank. So now you know what to do...

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