7 Best Gifs Going Viral On Internet After Mukesh Ambani's Latest Announcements On Reliance Jio

Blog By rashmi  |  25-12-16

These gifs are as funny as it can get...

#7 Too Much Excitement

If you've used Jio, you know what this man is talking about. Too much excitement you see!

#6 Weird Celebrations

Indians are emotional people. They tend to celebrate in weird fashion!

#5 My Reaction As Well

This is exactly what my reaction was after the announcement.

#4 Real Reaction

I am sure someone in India must have experienced this for real.

#3 The Dance

The entire country was dancing after the extension.

#2 Me!

This is me this is me people!

#1 Best Christmas Gift?

And finally, the best Christmas gift ever?

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