Yuvika Chaudhary Reveals How Many Months It Took To Stitch Her Reception Gown

Blog By fatema  |  29-10-18

She Also Revealed Other Details About Her Wedding Reception Gown

Yuvika Dressed Like Cinderalla

Prince and Yuvika recently got married and Yuvika wore a very stunning and lavish gown on her reception. she has dressed like Cinderella in the perfect Dimond Jewellery and that attractive gown.

The Time and weight Of the Gown

The gown was not an easy task, Yuvika revealed that “It's 8 months of hard work that has gone into making of the gown and 40 people were working on it. It was 40 kgs. I have got bruises on my arms and people think 'honeymoon' banake aayi hai. But it's because of the gown.”

Guests That Attended the Wedding

Guests like Harbhajan, Anushka Dhandekar, Karan Kundra also joined their fairytale wedding and both looked very stunningly gorgeous on their big day.

Karwa Chauth Mehndi

Recently the couple celebrated their first Karwa Chauth and, Prince drew, mehndi on her hand and they flaunted the video.

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