Watch! How These College Girls Defending and giving support To convicted Rapist Ram Rahim Singh!

Blog By mariam  |  26-08-17

See what all things they said in support of This BABA!

#4 Rapist

After the Violence, deaths and the dirty announcements India is boiling, thanks to the conviction of a self-styled godman, and his followers. On one hand, there are people are angry by the violence, and criticizing the current state of things.

#3 See Tweets

This tweet says about how people are addicted to this baba and maulvis than education.

#2 College Girls In Support

#2 College Girls In Support

On the other hand, these young girls speaking up with a strong conviction in support of their 'Guruji' -- Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.

#1 Video!

This video is getting viral on internet, these college girls are strongly defending their Guruji and calling him a messiah of peace.

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