Video: Sikh Police Man Protects A Muslim Man From The Lynch Mob And Becomes The Real Hero

Blog By fatema  |  26-05-18

The Incident Took Place In Uttarkhand

The Muslim Was Save By The Sikh Police Officer.

The Muslim Was Save By The Sikh Police Officer.

A video of a Sikh police officer saving a Muslim man from a mob in Uttarakhand have become viral everywhere and the video was shot on Tuesday.

The Incident.

The Incident.

The officer Gagandeep Singh was responded to an alert about trouble happened in an area near a temple where a group was attacking a Muslim man who was with his Hindu girlfriend.

The Crowd Tried To Beat The Muslim Man.

The Muslim man was surrounded by an angry, shouting crowd who kept trying to beat the Muslim man and the police officer kept him close and he also kept the Muslim man close to his body to protect him.

The Couple Were Taken To Police Station.

The incident was reported from Ramnagar, which is near Jim Corbett National Park. The couple who were attacked by the crowd were taken to the police station, where the woman was handed over to her parents.

Numerious twitteraties gave their reactions one of them is below:

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