Video: Man Proposed His Girlfriend In Front Of The Whole Stadium In Between The Match of India vs England

Blog By fatema  |  15-07-18

The Man Made Sure To Make His Girl Feel Special In A Very Filmy Way

Love Has No Timing Or Particular Place.

It's said marriages are made in heaven but this time it was in a crowded stadium in London during the match of India vs England.

The Proposal.

When the camera person zoomed in on a couple during the match, the man took the benifit of the chance and proposed to his lady love for marriage. Much to the delight of the stadium's crowd, the girl accepted the proposal.

They Caught Everybody's Attention.

They Caught Everybody's Attention.

The people took no time to make the lovely pictures and videos and made it viral on the social media. And all the eyes in the match were on them instead of on cricket.

The Comments.

They also received many adorable comments from the twitterarties after posting the videos and pictures on twitter and other social media.

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