This Is Hilarious! What Rahul Gandhi Said About Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru Would Make You Laugh Out Loud

Blog By Vignesh  |  23-09-17

This is absolutely crazy from Mr. Rahul Gandhi

#4 Rahul Gandhi Hilarious

#4 Rahul Gandhi Hilarious

Rahul Gandhi has always had a knack of saying something which is ridiculously funny sometimes you cant even stop wondering how on earth can such a powerful man come up with such blunders.

#3 Funny Speeches

#3 Funny Speeches

He has always often been in the news for his goof ups and his unremarkable speeches which has made the whole country a big recipient of his accidental comedy.

#2 Rahul at Times Square

Rahul Gandhi has taken it to all together different level this time while speaking at Times Square, he said that the Congress Party was mainly a NRI party since all the leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar were all NRI's

#1 LOL Moments

He even went to the extent of calling Verghese Kurien, the father of milk revolution in India as an NRI.
Twitter is flooding with laughter over this blunder from Rahul, while everyone is waiting for round 2

ting for round two.

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