This Girl With Moles All Over Her Body Breaks Her Confidence By Going To Miss Universe Pegeant.

Blog By Mahi  |  01-07-17

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#4 Evita Delmundo

All her life Evita Delmundo was bullied for the way she looked. Evita, stays in north-eastern Malaysia. She was born with various-sized mole-like birthmarks all over her body.

#3 Her Childhood Friends Used To Tease.

When she was a child, cruel classmates called her “monster” and “chocolate chip cookie. At one point the bullying got to her nerves.

"In primary school, no one wanted to be friends with me. I remember a teacher having to ask two girls to accompany me during recess, and they were whispering 'why do we have to treat her like a princess?"

Check out the girl with moles all over her body.

#2 Evita Choose TO Remove Moles.

she went for a surgical consultation to have the moles removed. However, doctors warned her that the procedure was risky so she choose to keep them.

The 20-year-old, Malaysian beauty, who works part-time at a local cat cafe.

#1 Audition For Miss Universe Pegeant.

She decided the best platform to boost her confidence was by auditioning for the pageant on June 2017. Evita even met last year’s winner Samantha Katie James.

“My dream is to make all girls have their own confidence with their own beauty”. “I’m just keeping my fingers crossed. If I don’t get through, there’s always another platform.”

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