These Bigg Boss Contestants Then And Now Pictures.

Blog By Hazel  |  02-12-17

Bigg Boss Indeed Helped Them Upgrade.

#3 Entertaining Show.

It has been years since we have been tuning in, to watch Bigg Boss.

It's entertaining to watch a bunch of celebrities and commoners to come together under one roof.

#2 Fights, Arguments, Humour.

#2 Fights, Arguments, Humour.

The fights, arguments, profanity and some humour doesn't kill.

The drama only increases every passing day.

Friendships build and they break eventually.
To top it all Salman Khan hosts the show.

#1 Comparison Of The Contestants.

#1 Comparison Of The Contestants.

These some of the well-known contestants inside the house, and a comparison of what they were like when we first heard of them, to now.

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