The Kalyug Actress's Drastic Transformation Due To Her Illness.

Blog By fatema  |  20-02-18

The Change Is Too Much.

Smiley Suri.

Smiley Suri.

Smiley Suri is the sister is of the Director, Mohit Suri and niece of Mahesh Bhatt, Smiley gave her debut in the year 2005 with Kalyug, the movie was a sucess on box office but since then Smiley vanished from big screen.

Smiley was way too skinny in the year 2005, have look hiow she looks currently.

Suffered From Thyroid.

Smiley gained a lot of weight in 13 years after her debut movie, Smiley was suffering from thyroid and PCOD. She started looking too chubby.

She Took Dancing as Her Solution.

Since her childhood she loved dancing and so when Smiley realised that she gained a lot of weight and when she consulted her doctor and she got to know about her illness, she decided to loose weight through dancing.

Teaches Pole Dancing.

Smiley keeps posting videos of her pole dancing on social media and she tries to teach other people the benefits of dancing and how to do pole dancing. And how it cures thyroid.

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