Sunny Leone Made 55 Handmade Toran For Diwali

Blog By fatema  |  03-11-18

She Made It For Her Daughter Nisha's School's Diwali Party

Nisha's Birthday

Sunny Leone is not just a good actress but also great wife and an amazing mother. The super cute actress also celebrated her daughter Nisha's birthday as her princess turned 3. She also couldn't stop singing 'You Are My Sunshine' song for her daughter on an Instagram post.

Diwali Celebration At School

Recently she went to her daughter's school and celebrated Diwali party and she also participated in making Toran in Diwali. She thought it was 1 Toran but it was 55 Torans.

Her Caption

Her Caption

She also ket the caption that, I volunteered to make Toran’s for Nishas Diwali school party. I thought it was 1 Toran but it turned out it needed to be 55 Toran’s lol. Had a blast with the kids and hopefully, they liked the activity.

Her Captain During Ganpati

Recently she uploaded a picture during Ganpati and wrote the captain as She is the reason I believe in God. To be blessed by her is like having the hand of God on our heads! Nisha Kaur Weber our gift from heaven!

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