Sonam Kapoor Got Badly Trolled For Her Cannes’s Black And White Polka Dots Dress

Blog By fatema  |  16-05-18

Fashionista, Sonam Kapoor Gets Trolled For Fashion

Fashionista Sonam Gets Trolled For Fashion.

Fashionista Sonam Gets Trolled For Fashion.

Sonam Kapoor is known as the fashionista and it's rare when she makes mistakes with her fashion. She is been trolled for her Black ad white polka dots look for cannes.


Sonam got trolled badly by her twitterarties for her fashion disaster dress at the cannes. Somebody also commented about her confidence टाँगे नही कांप रही क्या सोनम??

Horrible Comments.

Horrible Comments.

Somebody also commented a horrible comment such as Bhutani dikh Rahi ho

End To Her Shaadi Obsession.

People even compared her cannes look with her wedding look and they even said that her Cannes look gave end to her her wedding obsession.

Funny And Aweful.

People also trolled her with aweful and funny comments such as,

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