Shama Sikander Gets Trolled For Wearing A Bikini, Slams Back In Style.

Blog By Hazel  |  12-01-18

The Trolls Severely Body-Shamed Her.

Celebs Get Trolled.

Celebrities these days upload their pictures on social networking sites to keep their fans updated about their lives. However, the netizens have become more negative about anything and everything that is posted.

Making trolls on celebs is trending these days, commenting on posts is meant to voice their opinion but the netizens have misused this 'freedom of speech' to troll the celebs instead. Body shaming celebs is so usual these days, it's a shame we don't realize these things have to come to an end.

Shama Got Trolled.

Shama Sikander is a popular face on Instagram. The actress got trolled for wearing a bikini and the trolls crossed all limits and posted vulgar comments on her.

A sass a day keeps the basics away #ManlyBeach #Sydney #TravelDiaries

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Shama Sikander Slammed Her Trollers.

After reading such things on her post she posted another picture of her in a Bikini on Instagram and the caption reads...

A woman has BOOBS...that’s what makes her different than men and I’m grateful that I’m a woman and a blessed one indeed. Yes “I HAVE BOOBS” and nice ones indeed.. they are “juicy” and also are “melons “ or whatever else you prefer calling them. I think it’s time for all those TROLLS who like to give my body parts names like these to get over it and move on in life. They're mine and I love them... #BodyShaming #NotTolerated #RespectWomen #LoveForBikini

Shouldn't Encourage These Trolls.

Like Shama Sikander, we should all stand up against Body shaming trolls and not give it more encouragement and instead troll the ones who body-shame others.

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