Salman Khan Says He Will Never Again Talk To Karanvir Bohra

Blog By fatema  |  17-11-18

The Reason Is Karanvir's Wife!

Teejay's Open Letter

Recently before some time ago, Karanvir's wife Teejay Sidhu wrote an open letter for Salman Khan and big boss team stating that her husband is a huge star and they are humiliating him for no reasons.

Salman Is Upset

After last week's Weekend ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan seemed very upset with Karanvir because of his wife's open letter and he said that he will never again interact with him.

Karanvir's Apology

Karanvir's Apology

Karanvir had no clue about the open letter and when Salman became upset he was all speechless and he also apologised on the behalf of his wife Teejay but Salman was so upset that he chose not to talk.

Karanvir Broke Down

Karanvir Broke Down

As per the sources, after the episode, Karanvir broke down in the bathroom after hearing Salman saying that he would never talk to him.

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