Ranveer Singh Trims His Padmavati Beard Off And See What Happen Next To Him.

Blog By Mahi  |  13-07-17

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#4 Ranveer Singh In Padmavati

#4 Ranveer Singh In Padmavati

Ranveer Singh had made all of us excited when he said that he has a special announcement to make regarding his next big film, Padmavati..

Basically, the actor revealed that he has filmed the part where he had to look a bit older but now, Ranveer would begin shooting for the Alauddin Khijli’s younger part and that’s the reason why he had to get rid of his pointed mustache and beard.

#3 Deepika Padukone Chopped His Mustache

#3 Deepika Padukone Chopped His Mustache

During the live, he recalled the moment when Deepika Padukone had chopped off his mustache after the release of Bajirao Mastani. He said that she felt extremely happy doing it.

Check out the video how Ranveer Singh trims his beard.

#2 Ranveer Singh On Instagram

When he finally went live through his Instagram account, we saw him stressing as he had to get rid of his mustache and beard that he had grown for his character Alauddin Khijli.

We could see him being all emotional after he finally cut his mustache and beard, and still managed to look dapper. To keep himself chilled during the entire thing, Ranveer played “Urvashi Urvashi, take it easy Uravashi” song in his vanity van.

#1 The Video

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