Priyanka Was Asked Why She Chose Jordan And Not Rural India? Her Response To This Made Everyone Shut Their Mouth...

Blog By mariam  |  11-09-17

Look What She responded.

#4 Priyanka in Jordan

#4 Priyanka in Jordan

Miss World Priyanka Chopra the ambassador of UNICEF is currently in Jordan under the organisation's initiative to educate the Syrian kids.

After attending the Toronto International film festival she left for Jordan soon. Priyanka is constantly updating her momento of Jordon on Social media. But here what she was trolled for one such tweet.

#3 Priyanka Criticized!

#3 Priyanka Criticized!

She was critcized for'not visiting rural parts of India,' where children need help too. "I would request @priyankachopra that do visit rural areas of India where malnourished kids waiting for food,"

But Priyanka's Shocking reply to this tweet is quite Impressive.

#2 Priyanka Superb Reply

See what is she doing in Jordan!

#1 Cute Videos

Today was very emotional. As we go about our daily privileged lives, it's hard to imagine that everything can be taken from you in an moment. Today we spent the day in a host community meeting Syrian refugee families (like this one) so desperately seeking a safe place of normalcy for their families. More than 80% of the Syrian refugees in Jordan live outside refugee camps in cities, urban centers and farming villages (host communities.) Amman hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees, about 180,000 people. Refugee families in host communities have limited livelihood opportunities, and after 6 years, have depleted their savings and borrowed money from everywhere to feed and support their families. @unicef #ChildrenUprooted #TheyAreUs

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