Prince Narula And Yuvika Chaudhary Did Not Cry And Controlled Their Emotions Because Of A Bet

Blog By fatema  |  15-10-18

Yuvika Hid Her 100's Of Emotions Just To Win The Bet On Her Wedding Day!

Yuvika And Prince Finally Got Hitched

Yuvika And Prince Finally Got Hitched

Big Boss contestants, Yuvika and Prince got married before some days. Before the wedding, there was a pre-wedding ceremony and Yuvika looked very happy and beautiful.

controlling Emotions

Every bride would get emotional during the Mangalsutra ceremony and as it would be the most emotional moment for every girl bride as they would leave the house and go to her husband's house forever after the bidaai and it would be a very touchy moment for every bride but Yuvika had to control her feelings throughout the marriage.

The Bet

Yuvika did not shed a single tear and she controlled her emotions and the reason behind that is a bet, Yuvika and Prince both had a bet that they would not shed a tear till the end and so during the whole event both wear seen talking to each other and smiling throughout.

Yuvika's Words

In fact, before the wedding Yuvika was asked about her emotions and marriage, on that she said, , β€œYes, of course, I have jitters, and this is a different stage of my life. When the marriage date comes close, you have jitters and excitement both. It's a different life altogether. The beauty of our culture is that a girl has to leave her home. I have been living with my family so yes it's a big change for me”.

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