Popular TV Couples who became Parents Recently

Blog By suhas  |  21-08-17

Here's the list...

Proud Parents...

They say TV couples have become as popular (if not more) as Film stars. I am sure you'd wanna know which of them recently became proud parents of beautiful kids. Well, here we have the list for you. Checkout the video here...

Divyanka's Kid, Nah!

Divyanka's Kid, Nah!

Recently, Divyanka Tripathi and her husband Vivek Dahiya were seen cradling an adorable baby. Well, it wasn't theirs but the couple sure admitted that they are ready for a baby.

There are more couples in Bollywood and television who are planning to become parents.

Celeb Kids

Celeb Kids

History says that celeb kids make a separate name for themselves even without joining the industry. It'll be interesting to see the fate of these celeb kids here.

Do checkout the video above...

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