Painful Words Spoken By The Sadhwi Who Was Raped By Ram Rahim Singh.

Blog By mariam  |  28-08-17

This will Burn Your Blood!

#7 Painful Letter To PM

#7 Painful Letter To PM

This cruel man Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has raped a girl and sitting inside the jail, he created violence outside by his followers has killed around 30 people.
Let's just leave what is going on now, and let us give a thought for those girls who got justice after more than a decade.

A Raped sadhwi wrote a open letter in 2002 to the prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Which is getting viral all over internet. See ahead what more she has written to PM Its disgusting!

#6 Too Cruelty

#6  Too Cruelty

This will bring you goosebumps, This type of baba's should be hanged to death.

#5 Heartbreaking!

#5 Heartbreaking!

Read ahead what people have commented after seeing this painful letter.



Since Ram Rahim has been in the news, Common people have become furious, posting opinions, views through social media. Check out!

#3 This is What Indian People Does!

Indian People should be ashamed and stop believing in all this things. There's only one god Which is in our heart stop believing in these Baba's. And Save You Daughters from this cruelty. Let girls educate and earn respect, Rather than sending them to be a Sadhwi!

#2 Hats Off Girls!

#1 Trolls!

Please People don't be stupid, Stop Believing in Baba's1

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