On Their 6th Anniversary Genelia Is Expressing Her Love On Social Media!

Blog By Priyanka  |  03-02-18

Ritesh's Reply Is On it Is Very Unique And Cute!

All Time Favorite

All Time Favorite

B-town jodi's are all time favorite but we also know that only some of them are left who's relationship has lasted long.

On of them are our all time cutest jodi Genelia And Ritesh. They are celebrating their 6th anniversary and are expressing their love in a very cutest way.

Genelia Wrote On Instagram

Genelia wrote in a very romantic way that she still falls in love with Ritesh every single day.

Ritesh's Unique Reply

Rites Deshmukh also did not fail to express his love in a very cute and romantic style. He wrote a romantic song from 90's era.

Relationship Goals.

Relationship Goals.

In 2017 December Genelia gifted husband Ritesh a Tesla Model X car worth Rs 55 lakh. She said that she made Ritesh feel like a 20 year old with this special gift.

We can really see how deep is their love and this is called the relationship goals. There is so much we can learn from them to live a happily married couple life.

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