Mahesh Bhatt Finally Reacts On His Relationship With Rhea Chakraborty

Blog By fatema  |  11-10-18

This Is The Price We Have To Pay For Being In The Business, said Mahesh Bhatt

The Picture She Uploaded On Mahesh Bhatt's Birthday

Before some days Rhea posted a picture on social media for Mahesh bhatt's birthday and she captioned the picture as "Happy birthday to my Buddha @maheshfilm Sir , this is us - you held me with love , you showed me love , and you have unclipped my wings forever , you are the "heart hitting " fire that ignites every soul it comes by ! Words fail me I love you"

The picture looked a bit intimate and she had to hear a lot of jokes and comments on her by the people.

Mahesh bhatt's Reaction On The Jokes Made On Her And Rhea

Everybody made jokes on her and as per a recent interview with Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty, Mahesh said she went to Mahesh saying she was not feeling good about the things said about him and her, on that Mahesh said, I can not blame the world to see as they are, I am only responsible for what I am and what my relationship with this child is. He also said when she came to me a little apologetic when everybody made jokes, he said I simply said a great line by Anand Bakshi Sahab, " "Tu kaun hain, Tera naam hain kya? Seeta bhi yahaan badnaam hui!"

The Story He Shared About His Childhood

The Story He Shared About His Childhood

He also said that This is me too moment, they are shamming you, they should be ashamed!and he also shared a story of his childhood where there were men who use to say things they should not, to his mother and beautiful sisters and at that time his mother would hide and he said why are you hiding, they are saying bad things, they are dirty people , why are you feeling dirty, why are you putting hands on your ears and saying prayers so loudly.

This Is the Price We Have Pay, Mahesh said

This Is the Price We Have Pay, Mahesh said

He also added by saying that, all these things going on, saying things about women, the girl, the child is not new and he also said this is the price we have to pay for being in the business and on that Rhea said, earlier I use to care but now I have been baptized by Mahesh Bhatt and now these things don't bother me."

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