India Got It's First Meme Of 2018 As Anant Ambani Got Trolled By The Twitterati.

Blog By Hazel  |  03-01-18

The Memes Are Going Viral!

Trolling Jr. Ambani.

Trolling Jr. Ambani.

Anant Ambani gave his first speech at grand party organised to celebrate 40 years of Reliance Industries Limited.
Many celebs from and outside film industry attended it.

The internet is already doing rounds trolling Jr. Ambani for his speech.

Motivational Speech Turned Meme.

Anant Ambani is a very popular personality on the internet after his fat to fit transformation. In his speech he essayed himself as a very passionate person and he looks pretty much focused to take over the company in larger capacity.

You'll see when a motivational speech turned into a meme for the netizens.

1st Meme Of 2018.

The netizens didn't even leave Neeta Ambani and Mukesh Ambani and included them in the meme too.

Many people appreciated the 22 year old's passion but the netizens took a pick at him and made their first meme of 2018 by taking parts of speech and using funny captions against it.

Internet Feeds On...

Internet Feeds On...

The internet feeds on stuff like this and we weren't surprised to encounter this. While the internet is going crazy posting memes we hope this doesn't let down Jr. Ambani.

We look forward to many more motivational speeches to come.

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