Hero No.1, Govinda Talks About Ranveer Singh

Blog By fatema  |  22-12-18

Govinda Turned 56 Yesterday

Ranveer And Govinda's Picture

Govinda celebrated his 56th birthday yesterday and he also received wishes from his Bollywood fellow friends, Ranveer Singh posted a picture with him on Instagram and wrote the caption,Hero no. 1

Govinda's Words

Govinda's Words

Govinda also spoke about Ranveer Singh he said,"He is a really good actor and I feel he works really hard. May God bless him." Govinda and Tanveer both of them really respect each other as actors.

Raveen's Wishes

His another Co-star and friend, Raveena Tandon also wished him birthday and wrote the caption as Happy birthday @govinda_herono1 no one, just no one can ever be you, bringing laughter and joy to all, lotsa love and the warmest wishes always !

Govinda Thanked His Fans And Family

Govinda Thanked His Fans And Family

Yesterday he celebrated his birthday with his family and he also thanked his fans and family by saying, "I am thankful to my audience, parents and the media who have supported me over the years. I hope that they will keep loving and supporting me in this journey."

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