From Meeting Salman Khan To Bagging His First Commercial, The Viral Dancing Uncle Is Becoming Famous

Blog By Helma  |  09-06-18

It just takes one viral video for someone to shot to fame overnight

His Swag Moves Got Him Famous

His Swag Moves Got Him Famous

It just takes one viral video for someone to shoot to fame overnight. Ask Dancing Uncle Sanjeev Shrivastava who skyrocketed to fame after his dance video from a wedding function caught the fancy of the netizens and went viral on the internet. With just one video, he became a star. An ardent fan of Govinda, he danced to his popular song Aap Ke Aa Jane Se, and his fate turned for the better.

He Got Invited To A News Channel

After he became a sensation, he was been invited to news channel to showcase his dance skills with his wife.

He Even Bagged A Commercial Ad

His immense popularity has even bagged him a tv commercial for Bajaj Allianz life insurance.

He Has Became Musically Favourite Dancing Uncle

His dance moves are not even got him famous but people are getting a chance to mimic his dance on the musically app.

He even Met Salman Khan

Well no one gets that famous but this uncle just made all the uncle jealous with his popularity and look what he has gain now.

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