Farah Khan Gifted A Special Wedding Gift To Deepveer

Blog By fatema  |  15-11-18

Finally, Slowly The Details Are Coming Out!

Few Pictures Are Leaked

Everybody is excited about Deepika and Ranveer's wedding and the couple is one of the most favorite Jodi of everyone. Few pictures are already leaked and everyone is waiting for other pictures to come.

Farah Khan Called Deepveer Home

Farah Khan Called Deepveer Home

Well, the couple had strictly said no gifts and if anybody would still forcefully give them any wedding gifts those gifts will be given to charity, Deepika's The Live Love Laugh Foundation. and but Farah Khan instead chose a surprise for the couple and gave them the gift before the wedding by calling them at her house.

Farah Called Bhavna For Surprise

Farah Called Bhavna For Surprise

Farah was so excited about their marriage that she even could not wait till the wedding and she called a reputed life casting artist Bhavna Jasra and she decided to gift them a lifelong memento which had their personalized hand impression. Bhavna also said, "Farah is a dear friend. She called me one morning asking me if I could come to her place, as she wanted to make a special wedding gift for Deepika and Ranveer. She wanted to surprise them and literally hid me in another room."

The Surprise Gift

Bhavna also further added by saying, "I heard them arrive and greet Farah with great affection. Farah then told them that she has organized a surprise gift for their wedding and called out my name to do the honors. They greeted me with happy smiles and on knowing what the surprise was, they gleamed with joy. Directing the couple on how they should put their hand together to make a tight clasp was a special moment. I felt as if time stood still when Ranveer and Deepika posed for pictures with their hands clasped tightly in my clay. Thank you, Farah, for making me a part of Ranveer and Deepika's love story."

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