Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde's Wardrobe Malfunction, Which Almost Got Out Of Hand.

Blog By Hazel  |  30-11-17

Vikas Gupta To The Rescue.

#4 Indeed Full Surprises.

#4 Indeed Full Surprises.

The Bigg Boss house is indeed full of surprises.

The fight with the most buzz around was ended once Vikas Gupta had stopped the fight.

The arch enemies finally joined hands and the fans seemed to love them this way.

#3 Vikas And Shilpa.

#3 Vikas And Shilpa.

Vikas destroyed his favourite jacket to save Shilpa from the nominations, and requested Shilpa to work with him once they are out of the house.

Ever since then, the two have been by each other’s side.

For example, just yesterday, Shilpa had almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction, but Vikas came to her rescue.

#2 The Convo.

#2 The Convo.

In an unseen video on voot we see that Shilpa, Puneesh Sharma and Vikas are in the living area.

Shilpa tells Puneesh that she loves herself and that she wouldn’t do something that will harm her, she was talking about the task.

#1 Shilpa Loses Balance.

While she talks, she slides down from the sofa, but loses her balance, and her skirt rode up her thighs.

She immediately asks Vikas for help and he adjusts her skirt, while Puneesh also helps her to get back on feet.

Watch how everything happens in the video.

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