Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi's Latest Transformation Inside The Bigg Boss House.

Blog By Hazel  |  01-12-17

The Drastic Transformation Is Definitely Appealing!

#4 Luv's Charm.

#4 Luv's Charm.

When he entered the main Bigg Boss house, the way acted, we didn't expect him to get so far.

His guts, determination and charming nature finally won the audience.

His fan following has increased by the week. Sapna Chaudhary also chose to get nominated for eviction to save him!

#3 The Task.

#3 The Task.

After what happened in the last episode, the audience was in a shock.

Luv’s co-contestants chopped off a bit of his hair to make him move and eventually quit the task.

After all the drama in the task, he ended up with a weird haircut and obviously he wouldn't roam like that in the house with cameras.

#2 Luv's Transformation.

So, he cut the rest of his hair to make it even.

The new haircut seems to look amazing on the contestant.

Luv Tyagi has undergone a drastic transformation.

#1 Appealing Look.

#1 Appealing Look.

The pictures from the outside the house is a proof that he looks good without the long hair.

Reminds us of the time when he shaved his goatee on the show.

His fans might just find his new look even more appealing now.

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