Bigg Boss 11: Gauhar Khan Slams Hina For Having Double Standards And Passing Bad Comments About Arshi.

Blog By Hazel  |  10-11-17

Hina Boasts Of 'Girl Power' But Doesn't Follow Her Own Principles.

#4 Arshi Get's Job By Tearing Her Clothes Off.

#4 Arshi Get's Job By Tearing Her Clothes Off.

Recently, Hina Khan taunted Arshi Khan in the episode saying, Arshi gets work by tearing her clothes off.

Hina boasts of 'girl power', and wants the entire house to stand up for women's right strangely she herself doesn't follow her own 'principles'.

#3 Gauhar Took To Twitter.

Ex Bigg Boss Contestant, Gauhar Khan pointed out Hina's 'double standard' in regard to a girl's modesty. Gauhar took to Twitter and posted...

#2 Shilpa's English-speaking Skills.

Some time ago, Gauhar had also posted, taking stand for Shilpa Shinde. When Hina Khan made fun of Shilpa's English-speaking skills.

#1 Discussing Puneesh and Bandgi.

#1 Discussing Puneesh and Bandgi.

Hina has also been discussing Puneesh and Bandgi's night time intimacy.

Hina should start practicing her own preaches.

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