Bigg Boss 11: Bani J Doesn't Want To Pass Any Judgement On Hina Yet She Stands Up For Gauahar Khan.

Blog By Hazel  |  02-12-17

Bani J Playing Smart...

#5 Controversial Show.

#5 Controversial Show.

This season of Bigg Boss 11 has been in talks from a long time now.

The contestants have been involved in the controversies and they have been making news almost everyday.

Hina is being subjected to lot of criticism for her behaviour on Bigg Boss 11.
Her demeaning comments have got her in trouble.

#4 Hina And Arshi's Conversation.

#4 Hina And Arshi's Conversation.

Recently, an unseen video went viral on social media in which Hina can be heard comparing her social media followers to various other celebrities.

And then she casually said that she has more followers than Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan.

And there is another unseen video where Hina an Arshi can be heard discussing about the works of some of the TV actors.

#3 Gauahar's Tweet.

In this conversation, Hina Khan comments on Sakshi Tanvar and says that she is cockeyed and then tells that Sanjeeda Sheikh looks beautiful in person.

Her judgy attitude is creating ripples and she still couldn't get hold of herself.

Sakshi Tanvar and Sanjeeda haven't commented on Hina's statements.

While, Gauahar took to Twitter and slamed Hina for the same.
She Tweeted:

#2 Bani J Stands Up For Her Friend.

Now Comes In Bani J, she says something about Hina, without taking her name, while standing up with her Bestie Gauahar.

She also said that she haven't been following this season's Bigg Boss.

But she knows that no one can reach where Gauahar is today.
Here’s her tweet:

#1 Bani's Tweets.

And here’s Gauahar’s reply to Bani:

When a fan pointed it to Bani that the conversation started because of her, she replied to her by saying that she is not targeting anyone, because she doesn’t know anyone personally.

As we said earlier, Hina has managed to come in the bad books of lot of people. She has been making insensitive comments without realising the consequences she would have to face.

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