Bigg Boss 11: Arshi's 'Mean Task' Is Creating More Dirtiness Amongst The Contestants.

Blog By mariam  |  10-01-18

See What Akash, Hina And Puneesh Will Go through!

Arshi Khan re-enters

Arshi Khan re-enters

This week is the last week for all five contestants. Arshi again entered the house yesterday as a sanchalak for ‘meanness’ task will continue today. Here we have the highlights of today's episode and its going to be the last elimination of this season.

Very Tough

Yes, among these four contestant one will be eliminated from Bigg Boss house just a day before of finale. Damn! This one’s gonna be tough.

Before Elimination This Will Happen

Arshi will continue her quest for the meanest person in the house. Today, Hina, Akash and Puneesh will be receiving the fellow contestant's meanness. And its very mean trust me. Watch Video:

Shilpa Mean side!

When it’s time to be mean to Hina, Akash and Vikas planned to spoil her favourite dress. But shilpa went one step ahead and said she will destroy her makeup or her favourite mug which was gifted by her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal.

Despite Hina’s repeated please, Shilpa smashes the mug!

Arshi leaves after creating heat in the house

Arshi leaves after creating heat in the house

Arshi leaves the house after announcing the winner of the task. Who do you think is going to be the winner of this last task on Bigg Boss? Watch today episode!

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