Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Blames Salman For Turning A Blind Eye On Shilpa's Behavior.

Blog By Hazel  |  09-12-17

Arshi's Behavior Got Herself In Trouble.

High On Emotions.

High On Emotions.

In the recent episodes we watched the contestants cry as the Bigg Boss house got high on emotions.

The contestants met their family members after a long time. However, they still managed to pick fights.

Arshi Disrespects Shilpa's Mother.

Arshi Disrespects Shilpa's Mother.

Arshi Khan disrespected Shilpa Shinde’s mother when she entered the house.

We knew that Salman Khan won't spare Arshi for her behaviour at all. This Weekend Ka Vaar will be a interesting one, as Salman lashes out at Arshi for her rude behavior towards Shilpa's Mother.

Arshi Blames Salman.

Arshi Blames Salman.

Surprisingly Arshi blames Salman that he turns a blind eye to Shilpa's behaviour.

Yes, you read right!
The contestants asked her not to back answer but she does it anyway.

Arshi Says, "Ab toh chup karja wahiyaad aurat."

Arshi Says,

Arshi's father entered the house and interacted with Shilpa. For some reason, Arshi thought that Shilpa Shinde was being disrespectful towards her father.

Arshi disrespected Shilpa's mother as she didn’t greet her. And not only this, she even passed disrespectful comments against Shilpa right in front of her mother. Arshi said, "Ab toh chup karja wahiyaad aurat."

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