Award Shows Are A Joke And I Only Do It For The Money - Says Saif Ali Khan!

Blog By surbhi  |  10-10-17

He reveals some key secrets here...



Everyone always has mixed views about this Pataudi Nawab. However, we give it to him that he hasn't always put up with the classiest of images.

From prancing around Awards stages in towels for shoddy sketches, to calling Kangana a freak (subtly ofcourse), from instigating rumours to actually creating one with his letters of apology and what not - this man has learnt to stay under the limelight - positively or negatively.



In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Saif revealed some secrets of the industry and his life with new born son, Taimur.

While speaking of Nepotism and his "justification letter" he said, " I am totally against it, and that was probably the most tone deaf thing I have ever said." We agree, Saif!

But what stole the show was his take on award shows.

Check out the video below!



Speaking of award shows in the country, he said, "I don’t know why I’ve always done it. Honestly, if you ask me and if we take an ethical stand on it, there’s no such thing as an award function. It’s the biggest joke in the world. Every channel has their own award show. They give these guys an award for turning up, and then they make amazing categories like ‘Most Beautiful Smile’ and ‘Most Glamorous Diva’. You don’t even remember who got the Best Actor (award) for what.


He also said, "What really disturbs me is that it’s a lie because the material is not funny. No body is making a funny joke but they intercut it with everybody laughing. You make a bad joke and audience at home say ‘I don’t know if that’s funny’ but everybody there is laughing. They are like what is it that except me, 30, 000 people in the audience are laughing (except that they are not). So, it’s a con. The only people being cheated are the audience. It’s a disturbing thing deep down. It’s completely false. There’s not enough money spent on the humour. There’s not enough money spent on entertainment. They spend money on the songs and the dances and everything that suits the sponsors."

Here is the video:

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