Ladies Responded Like A Boss To The People Who Dominated And Insulted Them

Blog By mariam  |  18-07-18

Celebrities are in the public eye which makes them the target on the internet. Women celebrities are even more vulnerable to such insult which they go through. However, there have been times when these gutsy women have taught them amazing lesson.

Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta

When Esha Gupta posted her steamy photos on Instagram she was slammed and insulted and gave abusive comments.

Not just one picture but actress Esha uploaded on more sultry picture after getting insulted with a badass caption.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone photo from her Maxim magazine photoshoot. was showing too much skin which she posted on Social media.

The boss lady gave back at people and went on to posting another picture from the same shoot.

Rajshri's Deshpande

Rajshri's Deshpande

When she couldn't care less about her haters. She is the one who plays wife of gangster Ganesh Gaitonde in Netflix’s Sacred Games, people calling her porn star on social media. Rajshri said:

Clothed women, whether they wear a burka or a salwar suit, are objectified just as well. We need to work on changing the society. We can not do anything else. Initially, when I got the messages I was definitely angry. But thinking about them (trolls) is just wasting my energy. Let me store my energy for other things. Why waste it on trolls? So now, I have moved on.

Fatima Sana Sheikh

People made dirty comments when Fatima Sana Shaikh posted a picture in a swimsuit during the holy month of Ramdaan. Fatima slapped back at haters with a 'shameless selfie'

She replied With this picture,

Shameless selfie😬📸 credit for Saree @swatimukund 😘😘

A post shared by Fatima Sana Shaikh (@fatimasanashaikh) on

Priyanka Chopra

People attacked Priyanka Chopra for meeting Prime Minister Narenda Modi wearing a dress that didn't cover her legs and it is highlighting.

Priyanka's bang on reply with a picture of herself & her mother showing off thei legs by wearing shorter dress.

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