5 Horrible Bollywood Movies Of 2017.

Blog By Hazel  |  05-01-18

Their Storylines Didn't Make Any Sense, What Were They Thinking!

Extremely embarrassing Films.

There have been extremely embarrassing films in the second half 2017 and we don't know why they even make these films. You might not have heard about these movies! Here are some horrible movies that you might want to see just to laugh at 2017, because why not?

Typical Story Lines.

Typical Story Lines.

These movies are just unbearable and their story lines don't make any sense.

They might have had made it a little better by at least focusing on the story or the character.

These movies cover either some typical story or the story goes round the bush and no character development is seen.

Just Pathetic!

Just Pathetic!

The list covers the top 5 movies that were pathetic. Like, what were they even thinking?

The worse thing is that they thought this could be released. Lol!

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